The Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

Pushing back against President Trump's attempt to silence dissent and inconvenient facts, we are committed to supporting the resistance to the worst of President Trump's agenda, the chaos caused by his incompetence, and the damage caused by his traitorously misaligned priorities. We aren't the resistance that stands for the liberal agenda. Ours is built on supra-partisanship, setting aside the honest differences of opinion among a free people to focus on the most severe challenges facing our nation under the Trump presidency.

We first emerged in January 2017, just days into the administration, anonymously communicating with the public through social media with the eponym Rogue Potus Staff, to provide insight into the budding Trump presidency. We have gone to great lengths to maintain the secrecy that allows an inner resistance to remain in place, doing the work it does to blunt the effects of the worst President in American history. In September of 2018 the New York Times famously published this anonymous essay describing the efforts of the administration's secret resistance. A month later, our book Being Rogue was released.

We urge the American people to set aside our partisan divisions and see this President for what he is, to be fully engaged in our country's civil process to hold the government accountable, to be wise in our methods and tactics in order to avoid the same intellectual pitfalls that led us here, and to be absolutely tireless. The American people must assume the burden to implement the short term and long term changes needed to end the Trump presidency, and to ensure that nothing like it ever happens again. Democratic voters must demand better Democratic representatives, Republican voters must demand better Republican representatives, all voters must demand an end to the toxic partisanship that has gripped our nation for decades.

Being Rogue - Resistance in the Chaotic Trump White House

Now available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The most in depth view yet into the Trump White House, its dysfunctions, and the mindset of the President. Topics include a secret plan to install Mike Pence over Donald Trump, preparations for the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation in the face of impending revelations of scandal, the relentless infighting among the President's top aides as they jockey for influence, the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the kind of criminal activity by Donald Trump and his family that make him unfit for office, and may prove to be his downfall.