POTUS Eviction!

The right of the People to petition their government for a redress of grievances shall not be infringed.

POTUS Eviction is a mail campaign to call the government's attention to many of the already established crimes by President Trump, and show Congress and the President that we demand that he either vacate the office, or be vacated from it. The pre-written letter, styled as an eviction notice (somewhat appropriately for a real estate magnate), lists already known impeachable offenses, and demands that the President vacate the premises no later than July 4, symbolically demanding the nation's freedom from pseudo-monarchial rule and foreign control. The bottom of the letter includes options to write in the names of your Congressional delegation if you wish to cc them (and we hope you will!). It takes less than $1 to play a small part in the resistance.

While we don't expect President Trump to actually resign in response to these letters, this campaign will be an important step to increase the public pressure on Congress to acknowledge the public's disapproval of the President and our demands for his ouster. This will, at the very least, help deter Congressional Republicans from insulating the President from investigations and scrutiny. The public pressure on President Trump is also valuable. As we have seen, the President responds negatively to public pressure. The President's poor behavior in the face of criticism is having a culmulative effect that is alienating other Republicans, including his inner circle of aides. It takes many straws to break a camel's back. The goal of POTUS Eviction is to be part of the solution and continue piling on straws.

The target window for mailing is May 29 through June 2, immediately preceeding the March for Truth. By mailing at approximately the same time, copies will arrive at approximately the same time, helping to draw the Congress' and President's attention to the campaign. However, the choosing of these dates is only symbolic so it's still entirely appropriate to send your copy of the eviction notice any time afterwards. Many people have indicated that they are opting to send their letter via certified mail, in response to the President's recent claim that a certified letter has extra validity. Feel free to join them if you feel inclined.

Join us in our demand to get President Trump out of the White House, the People's House. Invite your friends to join you as well. POTUS Eviction begins May 29th. Resist and persist!