Account Status: Secure

The @RoguePOTUSStaff account remains secure and within our control. Recently there has been concern that the account has been "compromised" and/or brought under control by someone else. Those speculations are untrue. If somehow the account were ever hijacked by someone else, we will state as much on this page. This website stands apart from Twitter. Even if someone hacked into our twitter account, that would not give access to this website account, and vice-versa. Access to every account of any type that we use requires multiple steps for login and verification, using randomly generated long string passwords that we have committed to memory. The minimum password standards we've chosen are 100,000 times more secure than what Sean Spicer is using, and we don't plan to tweet them out anytime soon either.

All of that being said, we think it is worth pointing out that speculations about our account being hacked are somewhat silly anyway. If we were to ever be caught by POTUS or those loyal to him, that would not mean they'd instantly have access to our account, unless we handed it over. And why would we do that? Furthermore, even if someone within the Administration did hack into the account to take it over, what would be the point? Their interests would be better served by simply deleting the account outright than to pretend to be us. Nonetheless if, somehow or for whatever reason, our account does ever become compromised this page can will serve as a contingency that will allow us to highlight the fact.